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One Ingredient To Make Bread Free Essays

Have you at any point simply had a hankering for some warm, astonishing, hand crafted banana bread? All things considered, I have a straightforward yet divine, taste bud stimulating formula to share. This banana bread formula is incredible to heat for a delicious treat or a family get-together. You should simply buy quite a few fixings, blend the right measures of fixings together, heat in the stove and appreciate! The principal thing you should do when making banana bread is to go to the store to buy all the fixings. We will compose a custom exposition test on One Ingredient To Make Bread or then again any comparative point just for you Request Now You can discover all that you should make this superb banana bread at your nearby supermarket. During your excursion to the store you should purchase sugar, flour, salt, heating pop, white vinegar, vegetable oil, milk, eggs, cooking splash, for example, Pam, nuts if you’d like, and obviously bananas. When purchasing bananas the riper the better, I would really prescribe utilizing bananas that are beginning to turn earthy colored since they are better than when they initially mature. You will likewise require 2 huge blending bowls and a portion skillet, in the event that you don't have these at home you should buy them. In the wake of getting every one of these things you are prepared to head home and make your yummy, custom made banana bread! When you show up home and take every one of your fixings out you should preheat your stove to 350 degrees farenhigt. While the stove is preheating you should take out your first huge combining bowl and blend 1 cup of sugar and ? of a cup of vegetable oil. In the subsequent blending bowl squash the bananas with a fork and blend in 2 eggs and 3 tablespoons of sharp milk. To make acrid milk you should combine 1 section white vinegar with 1 section milk in a little dish, and afterward measure out the 3 tablespoons required. Add the banana blend to the sugar and oil and combine completely. At the point when the fixings are completely combined you will at that point need to include 2 cups of flour, ? teaspoon of salt, ? teaspoon of preparing pop, and a large portion of some cleaved nuts and combine. The most ideal approach to do the blending is for you to utilize a hand blender, however you can likewise utilize an enormous cooking spoon to take care of business. At last when your player is finished you can empty your completed creation into a portion dish that has been altogether lubed and floured to keep the read from staying, and spot the portion into the stove. Your banana bread should heat for around 50 to an hour prior to it will be completely cooked and prepared to eat. At around 50 minutes you can verify whether the bread is cooked completely through, to do this you should stick a toothpick into the center of the portion and haul it out. In the event that the toothpick confesses all the bread is do ne, if there are little bits of player adhered to the toothpick it should cook for a couple of more minutes. Don’t stress, simply set it back in the stove and it will be flawless in the blink of an eye. At the point when the toothpick comes out of the banana bread clean you can remove the bread from the stove and let it cool. Banana bread is best served warm, cut into single cuts about ? an inch wide, with a touch of margarine spread on top. Making stunning banana bread has never been more straightforward. All you need to do to have astonishing, custom made banana bread is purchase the fixings, combine the fixings, prepare the banana bread, and appreciate. Will you set out to attempt this straightforward, yet stunning banana bread formula? Step by step instructions to refer to One Ingredient To Make Bread, Papers

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Character, Nature, Spatial Distribution of World Cities Essay

The nature character and spatial circulation of world urban communities: Increasing globalization has impactsly affected the world urban framework. Subsequently a gathering of urban areas has developed as key hubs in the association and working of the world, known as World Cities. World urban areas, for example, London and New York are a result of social and monetary globalization and go about as nodal focuses for the variety of linkages and interconnections that continue the working of the world economy. These urban areas have created unmistakable qualities because of their dynamic nature, and are spatially dispersed far and wide. Nature: The rise of World urban areas has been because of the globalization of financial action, which includes the advancement of more grounded connects between different nations. There has been an extraordinary quickening in globalization and the development of world urban communities †due to: †¢Technologic improvement in transport and correspondence †¢Deregulation of exchange and monetary markets †¢The rise of and pretended by Trans National Corporations (TNC’s) †¢New methods of experiencing business tasks and financial movement †¢Emergence of a worldwide market for way of life related products This procedure of globalization and the development of world urban communities have had various effects: †¢Economic rebuilding †A fast extension in world exchange and migration of work serious assembling procedures to creating countries (megacities) with less expensive work. World urban communities are rising up out of the internationalization of financial movement. TNCs are a key player in this quick extension as they have an expansion in monetary impact choosing what to create as well as where to deliver and disperse it. †¢Spatial rebuilding designs in created zones †the move from private and business interest in rural areas to greater expense downtown lodging and ‘edge cities’ or ‘technoburbs’ which are unmistakable urban hubs with bigger metropolitan regions. This regularly targets low pay zones which pushes low pay individuals further away from these hubs. †¢Social rebuilding designs in created zones Urban social orders have gotten more energized with more noteworthy measures of destitution and riches. The white collar class is deteriorating as far as riches despite the fact that there is a parting into a lower working class with low paid assistance division employments and an upper working class who are multiskilled, for example, in the data based ventures. The modern work class is declining in expectations for everyday comforts. The result of this rebuilding is an expansion in uniqueness as far as social points of interest and weaknesses. Character: World urban areas are hubs in the worldwide economy which hold national and universal importance because of their monetary and social impact; World urban areas have this financial and social authority through different qualities portrayed underneath. Financial: - They are order focuses in the association of the worldwide economy - Key areas for a full scope of monetary administrations - Markets for a huge scope of merchandise and ventures Social: - Existence of social foundation that encourages contact between individuals up close and personal - An inside for a scope of social offices - Provides the chance to carry on with a particular social way of life Spatial Distribution: World urban communities are spatially scattered, for the most part over the created world, yet all around incorporated through frameworks of trade and creation. Inside the worldwide system of world urban areas exist a few sub frameworks: †¢Western European subsystem †fixated on London and Paris. This contains the most noteworthy convergence of world urban areas as it is the it is the underlying site of the mechanical transformation prompting the interconnection of these urban areas to one another. †¢North American subsystem-fixated on New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. This is the second biggest grouping of world urban areas as its mechanical upheaval prompted it being a main assembling locale of the world and afterward the main assistance district of the world. †¢Asian subsystem-fixated on Tokyo, Singapore and all the more as of late Shanghai. The Asian world urban areas above all associate provincial assembling zones, for example, India and China through Mumbai and Shanghai separately into the world economy. Different focuses, for example, Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong are likewise world urban communities because of their past industrialisation following World War II. †¢Southern Hemisphere-connected by Sydney, Johannesburg and Sao Paulo. The southern side of the equator is to a great extent separated as a lot of South America and Africa is still in a creating state however key urban communities, for example, Sydney and Sao Paulo interface the individual districts of Australia and Brazil into the worldwide economy. Because of proceeded with globalization, various anticipated spatial patterns additionally exist: †¢An increment in African urban communities into a worldwide system might be found later on. Africa is an asset rich region, particularly in crude minerals and it likewise has a huge populace accessible. These regions are presently minimized from the worldwide framework as there is an absence of foundation which takes into account the development of these economies on a worldwide scale. In spite of this minimization they do even now have availability to Europe sending out products, for example, oil. †¢A move of capacity to Asian urban communities The Asian area has been industrializing since the finish of World War II and urban areas, for example, Tokyo have significant network and impact as world urban communities. The financial development seen regions, for example, China and India may prompt a high convergence of world urban areas in this locale and a move in worldwide social and monetary force. †¢An increment in South American urban areas into the worldwide system. Through nations, for example, Brazil, which has kept up GDP development paces of around 10%, just as this different nations have local significance which can be connected to the worldwide system through urban areas, for example, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. †¢An increment in Middle East urban areas into the worldwide system. Nations, for example, the United Arab Emirates have continued high financial development rates because of oil exportation which has then been put into framework, for example, for the travel industry. A case of this is in Dubai with significant interest in inns. This new arrangement of world urban areas dependent on the existences of data based exercises is a fundamental piece of the worldwide chain of command.

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A Few Recent Events COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

A Few Recent Events COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog The following was composed by John Hughes, a second year MIA student studying Political and Economic Risk Analysis. __________________________ Life at SIPA can be busy between classes, job recruiting, hanging out with friends and trying to attend as many of the cool daily lectures, roundtables, speeches and events as possible.   Here’s a taste of a few of the recent events I’ve been able to attend: In early October I attended a “Dean’s Breakfast” with Romita Shetty, an alumna who is currently a partner at an investment advisory and consulting firm focused on financial services and alternative energy.   Prior to her current position, Ms. Shetty spent a number of years on both Wall Street and working for a ratings agency.   Fifteen students and I met with Ms. Shetty and Dean Coatsworth on the 15th floor of SIPA for an intimate discussion about Ms. Shetty’s career path, her experience at SIPA, and how she got to where she is today.   Over bagels and coffee she gave us tips on how to enter the financial services industry, and answered our questions.   It was also a great opportunity to get to know Dean Coatsworth better, while sharing our SIPA and life experiences. A few weeks later I passed in my last mid-term paper (after 3 exams that week) on Thursday, and was very ready to catch up with friends and blow off some steam.   Luckily, that night SIPA Student Affairs (SIPASA) hosted a Halloween party at M1-5 Lounge downtown (   There were over 1,000 students there, all dressed up in amazing costumes.   The party went from 10pm-4am, with an open bar for the first three hours.   Luckily, my class the next day was not until 2:30pm!   My wife and I went for the Lobster Dinner theme. Recently I also attended   a “Taste of Asia: A Culinary adventure through East and Southeast Asia” hosted by the Asia Pacific Affairs Council.   The event featured all-you-can-eat food and drink from around Asia, while bringing together students interested in the region in an informal setting.   I happen to love food from both East and Southeast Asia, and I love to eat, so it was a great evening! SIPA hosts an exhausting schedule of events, roundtables, discussions, debates and parties, offering a variety that will appeal to any type of student.   For a sense of some of the other offerings, check out this website (   In addition to SIPA events, Columbia University has a multitude of its own events, with each school within the university hosting a full line-up.   The most difficult part comes in deciding what to attend!

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Ralph Ellison’s Prologue to the Invisible Man Essay

Ralph Ellison’s Prologue to the Invisible Man The Invisible Man is not a story of things that go bump in the night, but of those in society who people refuse to â€Å"see†. The essay was written by Ralph Ellison, an African American writer of the 20th century, whose stories tended to focus on racial issues. The main character of this story’s prologue is anonymous and unseen. He resides in a basement and lives off stolen energy in Harlem New York. Throughout the essay it is hard to determine whether he prefers to be this way or not, but he does describe that he loves light and warmth. He is a character that most audiences can easily feel sympathetic for. Although the essay is a narrative story, on a more critical level it tells†¦show more content†¦Which would obviously make is harder for a reader to feel involved in the story. Since the essay was done with an informal tone it helps the audience to become more affected by the main character and better understand his hardships. This enables Ellison to make t he point of his essay stronger. Ellison’s use of a subjective point of view also helped to make his essay so effective. One of the main reasons subjective points of views are used in essays is because it puts it on a more emotional level, which makes it easier to relate to. In a subjective point of view many parts have to be interpreted or, are eventually interpreted for you. The best example of this in the essay is in the first few sentences â€Å"I am an invisible man. No, I am not a spook like those who haunted Edgar Allan Poe; nor am I one of your Hollywood-movie ectoplasms. I am a man of substance, of flesh and bone, fiber and liquids—and I might even be said to possess a mind. I am invisible, understand simply because people refuse to see me.† When people think of an invisible man the first thing that comes to mind is the classic character form the H. G. Wells novel, a man whom drank some sort of chemical making him transparent. However, the character in this novel is nothing like that as he explains to the reader. He interprets that he is not invisible on a physical plain but on more of aShow MoreRelated The Invisible Man Essay example946 Words   |  4 PagesThe Invisible Man Ralph Ellison speaks of a man who is â€Å"invisible† to the world around him because people fail to acknowledge his presence. The author of the piece draws from his own experience as an ignored man and creates a character that depicts the extreme characteristics of a man whom few stop to acknowledge. Ellison persuades his audience to sympathize with this violent man through the use of rhetorical appeal. Ethos and pathos are dominant in Ellison’s writing style. HisRead More The Search for Identity in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man Essay1107 Words   |  5 PagesThe Search for Identity in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man It is through the prologue and epilogue, that we understand the deeper meanings of Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man. The prologue is essential, laying down a foundation that allows us to understand the meaning and reason behind the symbolism and relevance of events the that follow. The prologue allows us to understand the extent and level of intensity the novel is trying to achieve. Acting in the same way, the epilogue further illustratesRead MoreJazz in Invisible Man1464 Words   |  6 Pagesdifferent ways. That is why Ellison chooses to illustrate his novel with jazz. Jazz music in Invisible Man gives feelings that Ellison could never explain in words. In Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, the narrator’s search for his identity can be compared to the structure of a jazz composition. In order to see the parallel between the novel and jazz, one must first see how Ellison incorporates jazz music in the prologue of the novel. He not only sets the scene with jazz music in the background but also givesRead MoreInvisible Man By Ralph Ellison1415 Words   |  6 PagesRalph Ellison’s Bildungsroman, Invisible Man, was published in 1952 but is a recollection of the narrator’s experiences during the 1930s. The unnamed narrator tells his story retrospectively, speaking in the present tense during the prologue and epilogue but switching to the past when recounting his story. At the present time during the prologue, the narrator is living in a â€Å"basement shut off and forgotten,† as he puts it, draining free power from the Monopolated Electric Company, having secludedRead MoreImprovisation Of The Invisible Man1392 Words   |  6 Pagesand Composition III February 15, 2017 Improvisational Music In Invisible Man â€Å"My only sin is in my skin, What did I do to be so black and blue?† The protagonist, the invisible man, is stoned from marijuana as he listened to Armstrong s rendition of What Did I Do to Be So Black and Blue and determined that invisibility gives one a slightly different sense of time, you re never quite on the beat. (Prologue.)† The invisible man respected Armstrong for making something beautiful out of invisibilityRead MoreThe Invisible Man By Ralph Ellison1409 Words   |  6 Pages In literature, the prologue of a novel often consists of an opening speech or introduction that establishes the stage for important events later to come. However, in Ralph Ellison’s novel, The Invisible Man, the prologue serves as the beginning of the end, in preparation for an epilogue that revisits the narrator’s original inner conflict at the end of a personal narrative. Situated in a hidden underground cellar, the main character, the Invisible Man recounts the journey of his naive youth fromRead More Analysis of Ralph Ellisons The Invisible Man Essay934 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis of Ralph Ellisons The Invisible Man The prologue from The Invisible Man deals with many issues that were palpable in the 1950s, and that unfortunately are still being dealt with today. An African-American man who refers to himself as the invisible man goes through life without being truly noticed as a person. He states that because of his skin color he is only looked down upon, if he is ever noticed at all. The invisible man goes through life living in a closed down part of aRead More Ralph Ellisons Invisible Man Essay2203 Words   |  9 PagesRalph Ellisons Invisible Man A twisted coming-of-age story, Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man follows a tormented, nameless protagonist as he struggles to discover himself in the context of the racially charged 1950s. Ellison uses the question of existence â€Å"outside† history as a vehicle to show that identity cannot exist in a vacuum, but must be shaped in response to others. To live outside history is to be invisible, ignored by the writers of history: â€Å"For history records the patterns of men’sRead More`` Blackness `` : An Invisible Disposition Explored Through Free Enterprise And Invisible Man1509 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Blackness†: An Invisible Disposition Explored Through Free Enterprise and Invisible Man As observed throughout history and various societies, the notion of a â€Å"racial hierarchy† proves to be a superficial design that ultimately assigns value to a group of people based solely upon their skin color. As a result, certain groups are promptly associated with influence and supremacy, while others are disregarded in their â€Å"inherent† inferiority. Michelle Cliff’s Free Enterprise (1993) and the prologue of RalphRead More Invisible Man Essay: Identity and Invisibility1164 Words   |  5 PagesInvisibility in Invisible Man      Ã‚  Ã‚   It is not necessary to be a racist to impose invisibility upon another person. Ignoring someone or acting as if we had not seen him or her, because they make us feel uncomfortable, is the same as pretending that he or she does not exist. Invisibility is what the main character of Ralph Ellisons Invisible Man called it when others would not recognize or acknowledge him as a person.    The narrator describes his invisibility by saying, I am invisible ...

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Graduation Speech - Original Writing - 1757 Words

Back in the 8th grade, I remember coming home from school hearing the loud yelling behind the closed doors of the master bedroom. At that time shouting and yelling was quite common in the household, especially during the late night. Going to sleep, knowing your parents might get divorced soon, didn’t make my life easier. Without all the commotions, the house felt deserted. It was very quiet, my brother and sister were away studying abroad in London and Sydney respectively getting their undergraduate degree. Having two people, whom I always look up to for guidance and inspiration, across the world didn’t help my situation. I could tell that my parents missed them very much, the only time you would see both my parents smiling together is when they were on the phone with either one of my siblings. My best friend told me to find a ‘game changer’, a method of escaping all negative emotions by engaging in an activity that would bring one complete peace and solace . For him, it was the guitar and alternative rock music. Although playing video games with my headphones on in my empty bedroom did temporarily help me get rid of my anxiety, it was no game changer. By that time in my social circle, I thought of how all of them were so lucky to have found their game changers. It’s not that I have not tried, just that I have not found it yet. When I was younger I did put lots of effort into many activities but none of them seemed to grasp my attention. Some of them, among others, whichShow MoreRelatedGraduation Speech - Original Writing1036 Words   |  5 PagesIn the back seat, intently listening to the words coming through the speakers, what is this I hear? Something so soulful, full of emotion, and life, it s as if I entered into another dimension, floating on a cloud of serenity. This feeling abruptly ended with a goodbye kiss as I prepare to enter the school building. I was enjoying my early morning schedule, learning about simple mathematics, how to get along with my peers, playing at recess, but I couldn t wait to get lost again, leave the earthlyRead MoreGraduation Speech - Original Writing980 Words   |  4 PagesBy the time tha t Landon and I arrived to his mansion, the party had already started. Crazy, intoxicated teenagers were swaying their hips and doing every provocative move they could think of to the beat of the horrid, meaningless music. Guys were desperately trying to get laid and the girls were loitering around, all over the place, taking photos and slurring their every word. Nothing good ever came out of partying-I could already tell that I was going to regret my actions by tomorrow morningRead MoreGraduation Speech - Original Writing1385 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Natalia! we have to go to this dance! Please!† â€Å"You got money Roxy? because I sure do not!†. â€Å"Well no, but your mom will buy us tickets! Ha-ha!† â€Å"Well that is true, but you are asking her!† â€Å"What why she s your mom!† â€Å"But that s your mom! Lights flashing day and night, cars and taxi’s stuck in the day rush and the night to endure the spotlight, but in North Brooklyn there was to girls, two girls who were friends since 6th grade. They went through many hardships but still always managed to comeRead MoreGraduation Speech - Original Writing898 Words   |  4 PagesAs long as I can remember I ve never been good at writing essays, especially under a time limit. There s just something about the pressure that makes me freeze up and I end up writing barely anything. I’ve struggled with it for the longest time, and I’ve tried to get better, but it’s a challenge for me. It all started in the third grade. I was deskbound in my third grade classroom with my friends, looking at all the decorations on the walls. It was approaching Thanksgiving break, so there wereRead MoreGraduation Speech - Original Writing953 Words   |  4 PagesIt s the minute details that are vital: the small things are what make big things happen. There are certain flashbacks of one’s childhood that stay forever in one’s mind. There is one day in particular that is still fresh in my mind. It was the fall of third grade, and I forgot to pray Shacharit that morning. My evident passion for Tefillah began at a young age. As the realization dawned on me, tears were suddenly streaming down my face. This had never occurred to me before, and I felt nervousRead MoreGraduation Speech - Original Writing992 Words   |  4 Pagesother alumni are in jail, died in the zombie apocalypse a while back, or have been wiped off the face of the earth somehow, I don’t know, I cou ldn’t possibly care any less about those that I went to high school with and that are there after me. Graduation was one of the better days of my young life. If you haven’t figured it out, I was not a fan of high school. They couldn’t pay or beg me enough to teach at any high school here in the county, hence why I am teaching at the middle school level, asRead MoreGraduation Speech - Original Writing943 Words   |  4 Pages It was my 5th grade ceremony at Anthony Burns Elementary School, and I was standing in line to get my certificate. The school’s principal called my name to accept my certificate for â€Å"AB Honor Roll† and â€Å"Excellence in Math.† I was looking into the massive crowd, and my mother, along with my Uncle Chris and Aunt Saundra, were cheering me on with jubilant faces. I remember how intense the moment was, and the overwhelming feeling’s of love i received; I was proud. As I made my way across the stageRead MoreGraduation Speech - Original Writing800 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Wake up,it’s time to go to Tennessee!† my mama exclaimed.I couldn’t believe that this day had come.It felt like I had waited forever for this much needed vacation from the hectic schedule of school. †I need to make sure I have everything.† I yelled.My brother was going,along with some of the church youth group.I was so excited that I could barely think straight.We were gone from September 4-6,which was Labor Day weekend.The reason we were going to Tennessee was to white-water raft.When we got toRead MoreGraduation Speech - Original Writing1036 Words   |  5 Pages It had been a long hot summer, and I was very excited for school to begin, I even found a new backpack on the internet that I wanted to buy, although this never would happen, I was still happy that the summer was almost over. I couldn t wait. Every day of August I had checked the mail. But one day when I saw the mail truck, I sprinted down the driveway, I would ve been hit by a car is one was there. I opened the mailbox, grabbed the mail, and ran back up, well I should say tried. I trippedRead MoreGraduation Speech - Original Writing1311 Words   |  6 PagesSetting my suitcase and bags next to my bed, I glanced around seeing that most of the things I kept here were where I left where I ha don t them two months ago. summer break recently ended and class was scheduled to resume on Monday. It was my last year here at Maxwell College of Arts and I could already tell that this year was going to be stressful. Being 21, almost 22 in September, I was ready to take on life. Ever since I was 15, I knew I wanted to be a singer. I wanted to share my music with

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50 Shades of Grey Review Free Essays

This book’s main characters consisted of Anastasia Steele, an independent, driven college student, who speaks is telling the story, and Christian Grey, CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings and Co, and is portrayed throughout this book in a sense as if he is every girl’s dream guy. Anastasia is forced to interview Christian Grey for her roommate, Kat, because she had fallen ill. When Mr. We will write a custom essay sample on 50 Shades of Grey Review or any similar topic only for you Order Now Grey meets Anastasia, he is intrigued with her. He then starts to make appearances at her work to buy different items, which come to find out is used sexually for binding and arousal. She is skeptical when he shows up to her hardware store because of his status and wealth. He asks her out for coffee but only for him to draw away from her afterwards. She â€Å"kicks herself† for thinking he would want anything to do with her but he in reality, he withdraws for other reasons than what she had assumed. He sends her a number of really expensive, old school books that she had said she liked but didn’t feel comfortable keeping them because of how pricey they were. Christian comes over to her apartment and discusses the â€Å"contract† to her, which basically states that she will be his sex slave but will not do physical harm to the point of injury, but she lets him know that she is a virgin. Christian eventually ends up taking Anastasia’s virginity, but she still says she needs time to think about the contract, and whether or not she is going to sign it. She is open-minded and willing to trying new things, but more importantly, trying to be a part of his world. Due to the fact that she was inexperienced and unfamiliar with what people are sexually involved with, the crazy things she sees as a curse, she is open to try. He doesn’t want to show her â€Å"his world† all the way because he feels something different for her. She is not just like any of his other submissive partners, but when she asks for it, she experiences something she can’t bare, and then leaves him. Due to this being the first book in a set of a trilogy, it ends with the reader anticipating more, and with much more of a story to tell. Overall the book was a good read and touched on some various topics that are discussed in our class. The main topics that were displayed in this book to me were the sexual response cycle, spontaneous vs. planned sex, intimacy, as well as the use of erotica and fantasy. The sexual response cycle is pretty apparent throughout the majority of the sex scenes in the book. Anastasia is clear to document her stages of arousal and climax during her moments with Christian Grey and is often times overwhelmed or subdued by what she is experiencing. â€Å"He leans down and kisses me, his fingers still moving rhythmically inside me, his thumb circling and pressing. His other hand scoops my hair off my head and holds my head in place. His tongue mirrors the actions of his fingers, claiming me. My legs begin to stiffen as I push against his hand. He gentles his hand, so I’m brought back from the brink †¦ I come instantly again and again, falling apart beneath him †¦ then I’m building again †¦ I climax anew, calling out his name. † (pg. 195, 196) I also noticed the correlation between spontaneous sex and intimacy. It seems that when the sex was planned in this book, there was more intent to have casual sex and heavily influenced with lust. When the sex scenes were spontaneous, the intimacy levels were definitely increased, and often times it seemed as if the sex was more meaningful. Before I know it, he’s got both of my hands in his viselike grip above my head, and he’s pinning me to the wall using his lips †¦ His other hand grabs my hair and yanks down, bringing my face up, and his lips are on mine †¦ My tongue tentatively strokes his and joins his in a slow, erotic dance. † (pg. 78) The main points of this book focused around the topic of fantasy’s and the use of erotica. Christian Grey is into dominance and submissive styl es of sex, and makes it very apparent to Anastasia that this is what he enjoys. Since Anastasia was a virgin at the beginning of the story, she was oblivious to how adventurous and creative sex can be. â€Å"At the touch of leather, I quiver and gasp. He walks around me again, trailing the crop around the middle of my body. On his second circuit, he suddenly flicks the crop, and it hits me underneath my behind †¦ against my sex †¦ The shock runs through me, and it’s the sweetest, strangest, hedonistic feeling †¦ My body convulses at the sweet, stinging bite. My nipples harden and elongate from the assault, and I moan loudly, pulling on my leather cuffs. † (pg. 323) How to cite 50 Shades of Grey Review, Essay examples

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Inherit the Wind Essay Thesis Example For Students

Inherit the Wind Essay Thesis Are You A Man or A Monkey ?A Disturbing Movement of Anti-Intellectualism in AmericaIts more valuable to see with the eye in ones heart, rather than see with the eye in ones head.The epic crusade of science and technology versus theology, bothreligions of sorts dating back in time more years than any of us can begin tocomprehend. Maybe that is why, as a whole, we have such a difficult timediscerning between the two, or rather, why we fail to see clearly the truemeaning that lies behind the propaganda of either. The arguments on either side are significant and carry as much reasonand weight as the other. Thus, we simply cannot refuse to make a judgmentbefore looking critically into the logistics surrounding the propaganda of eachtheory. Gods diplomats, the Bible-thumping, prophesizing blow-hards muchlike Brady in Inherit the Wind, are as much the bigoted and biased,sacrilegious and amoral attention-seekers as they proclaim the evolutionists tobe. However, their chosen doctrine cannot b e overlooked, as I myself amdeeply devoted to its teachings. Brady and others like him fight from thebackbone of Faith. I dont believe in the literal deciphering of the Bible, butthat it is a book of ideals that we must trust in its veracity. It isnt meant to be explained! Ironically, the thing that people are the most hungry for, meaning, is the one thing that science hasnt been able to give them. Enter God, the meansthat mankind has clung to for purpose. If there isnt a God, does that meanthat 95% of the world is suffering from some sort of mass dillusion? Theremay be a thousand arguments against there being a supreme being that we canthink of, but its all those reasons that we cannot think of that allow him tocontinue to exist as a necessity in our hearts and minds. True, in the pastGalileo, Copernicus and others have proven that the Church can be wrong and I agree. Yet the Church, like humanity, has the right to make a mistakeand reassess their beliefs. It doesnt mean all they s ay is false, not at all! I couldnt imagine living in a world where God didnt exist I wouldnt wantto. Turn around 360 degrees and you are back facing the same direction,now science lies in front of you where religion so recently resided. Politics,science, philosophy, theology, technology its so easy to become confused. Science is a truth, no matter how adamantly we decree it otherwise. If wewere the center of the universe (as the Bible mandates), if we were all therewas itd be an awful waste of space. Think about it, what is morereasonable; that an all-powerful, mysterious God created the universe andthen decided not to give any proof of his existence, OR, that he simplydoesnt exist at all and that we created him so that we wouldnt feel so smalland alone. Proof? What is faith more than a sense of adventure, of risk. Science strives for reason and truth, hard evidence and fact, and right now weare merely in a technological adolescence. Bradys argument portraysscience as being purely practical, even profitable. In as sense, doing awaywith all pure research. In Inherit the Wind, Drumm ond replies sarcasticallyto this belief of Bradys that It frightens me to imagine the state of learningin this world if everyone had your driving curiosity. After all, what are wehere for? To watch television, drink Coca-Cola and eat McDonalds? No! Aship in the harbor may be safe, but that is not what a ship is built for. Wemust pursue our need for knowledge, and if this means going against anypreconceived notions we fostered in accordance to a God, so be it. 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That, as a scientist you can believe in God andas a devout you can entertain evolution. Forget the book of the Lord or thebook of Darwin, in my book they are two totally separate things. Noscientific theory, including evolution, can pose any threat to evolution forthese two tools of human understanding are parallels, and not opposites, eachin their own separate realms. Science is simply an inquiry into the facts andnature of the world, while religion is a search for ethics and morals. Theyshould be equal, mutually respecting partner s, each the master of its owndomain, each vital to human existence in its own way. The wholecontroversy over evolution is misguided, for science without it is likechemistry without the periodic table or history without George Washington. Accepting evolution isnt rejecting religion. Both can, and should exist inharmony, and the powers that be should let the individual decide where hisinterests may be focused.